Your Favorite Record

A podcast behind the album artwork as told by the designer who made it


Have you ever grabbed a record off the shelf or hit play on Spotify because the album artwork was that enticing and eye-catching?

Have you ever discovered a new band because you loved the artwork? Have you ever wondered how the artwork was created or if there were any special meanings behind the design? Then maybe this podcast is for you.

Welcome to Your Favorite Record, a podcast where I talk to the designer behind the album artwork. Hear the stories straight from the source of what it was like to create the art behind some of your favorite records.

Each episode I'll be joined by the designer who created the artwork. We'll talk the design process, tools used, font choices and what it was like to collaborate with the band or artist.

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Episode 1: Take This to Your Grave with Mike Joyce

In this episode, we sit down with Mike Joyce, the designer behind Fall Out Boy's debut album Take This to Your Grave. An iconic record for Fall Out Boy fans and music fans alike. We talk the entire design process for the record, fonts used and why, the almost album cover options, the almost album names, and what it was like to work with the band at the beginning of their career.

Huge thank you to Mike Joyce for taking the time to sit down and chat with me about this pivotal record. You can find and support Mike at and at

Listen and enjoy Take This To Your Grave wherever you listen to music.